WST6000CGPS – Mobile

Weather sensor WST6000CGPS – Mobile

The weather sensor WST6000CGPS is a powerful instrument measuring the weather conditions. This intelligent and sturdy device measures in a permanent way :

  • the wind speed
  • the wind direction
  • the ambient air temperature
  • the atmospheric pressure
  • the relative humidity
  • calculation of dew point

Mobile Digital Weather Sensor with compass and GPS

0 – 40 m/s
-40 +60 °C
300 -1100 hPa
0 – 100 % humidity
RS-422 Serial link


  • firefighting
  • civil security
  • environmental contaminated sites
  • racing events and sporting competitions

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More Information

The high precision weather sensor WST6000CGPS answers quickly the variations of wind and measures from the slightest breath. The measurements provided by the weather sensor are transmitted by a RS-422 serial link. This instrument supports without problem shocks and vibrations. It does not requiring any particular maintenance. It is robust, compact, automatic and without any moving parts.

This weather sensor is equipped with an electronic compass and a passive GPS receiver.

The weather sensor WST6000CGPS is endowed of the new spiral head, characteristic of the meteorological stations of last generation. This new design makes it particularly adapted to mobile security or paramilitary applications.