WST7000C – Mobile

Automatic weather sensor for mobile application

The sensor WST7000C is a high quality instrument. All its components are integrated in a weatherproof cylinder. The microprocessor determines meteorological parameters, performs the auto test, sends the signal of measures and of their validity. This sensor is an intelligent device, it is capable of communicating over a multipoint network via its serial digital RS-485 output.

  • High reliability
  • High accuracy
  • Zero threshold for wind measurement
  • Resistant to severe environment
  • No maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • Rain protected
  • Permanent auto test
  • Serial RS-485 output
  • Transmission cycle 100 ms
  • Can be installed in network

Mobile Meteorological Weather Sensor with compass

0 – 70 m/s
-40 +60 °C
600 -1100 hPa
0 – 100 % humidity
RS-485 Serial link


  • firefighting
  • civil security
  • environmental contaminated sites
  • racing events and sporting competitions

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More Information

The WST7000C weather sensor is a sturdy and compact, automatic instrument, without any moving part.

The weather sensor and data acquisition processor are integrated in an easy to use unit. The WST7000C station reports wind speed, wind direction with respect to magnetic north, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, dew point and the direction of the station with respect to magnetic North.

Since it is immune to shocks and vibrations, this sensor is very well adapted to mobile applications.

This sensor offers the convenience of requiring no calibration or periodic maintenance. Owing to its integrated compass, it does not need any orientation.

The IRDAM way of measuring wind speed and wind direction by using the technology of thermal field variation is well tested. It detects the variations of thermal field induced by the wind hitting a heated cylinder. It is the principle of the wet finger applied in high technology.

An electronic compass determines the direction of magnetic North. The sensor can be oriented in any direction; it always indicates the direction of wind with respect to magnetic North.

The sensor WST7000C is a high precision instrument which responds quickly to the variations of wind, even at very low speeds. It is corrosion proof and maintenance free.